How to Use 1080P Dash Cam

Here are the steps to use the 1080P Dash Cam Recorder with Night Vision:

  1. Install the dash cam on your vehicle's dashboard or windscreen using the included suction cup.

  2. Insert a Micro SD card with a storage capacity of up to 32GB. The device will not function without a memory card.

  3. Connect the dash cam to your vehicle's power supply using the included USB cable.

  4. Press the power button to turn on the dash cam. The device will start recording automatically.

  5. Adjust the camera lens to the desired angle. The lens can be adjusted up or down and left or right.

  6. Use the "mode" button to toggle between video recording, photo capture, and playback modes.

  7. Use the "menu" button to adjust settings such as video resolution, exposure, loop recording, and G-sensor sensitivity.

  8. To activate the night vision feature, press the "night vision" button on the device or use the "night vision" option in the menu.

  9. To stop recording, press the power button again. The dash cam will automatically save the recording and turn off.

  10. To transfer files to your computer, connect the dash cam to your computer using the included USB cable. The device will appear as a mass storage device on your computer, allowing you to transfer files.

In summary, the 1080P Dash Cam Recorder with Night Vision is a user-friendly device that can be easily installed and operated. By following these simple steps, you can capture high-quality footage of your driving experiences and stay safe on the road.